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Components & Systems

Systems and Components

UV LEDs from 240nm - 360nm

Industrial Applications

Scientific Applications



UV LED Medical Applications

UV Germicidal/Disinfection

Protein Analysis, DNA Sequencing

Drug Discovery, Phototherapy

Blood Gas & N2 Urea Measurements

Welcome! We are UVD Lighting. Supplier of UV-C | UV-B | UV-A LED components and systems.

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Leader in UV LEDs

LEDs have revolutionized conventional lighting applications. Similarly, UVD Lighting is on the cutting edge of specialty deep UV components and systems for a wide range of applications.

An Application Revolution

Deep UV LEDs are increasingly being used in disinfection for operating rooms in hospitals and water purification both domestically and in remote settings. Click here to learn more about the diverse areas where UV LEDs are being applied.

UVD Lighting, Inc.

UVD Lighting has been at the forefront of supplying UV LEDs to a number of world reknown companies and research institutions for numberous applications for the benefit of society.

UVD Lighting is located in the heart of Columbia, SC.

UVD Lighting is an authorized distributor for Sensor Electronic Technology.