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UV LED Systems

UV LED Turn Key Solutions

UVD Lighting provides fully integrated solutions for water purification, disinfection, spectroscopy and a variety of other applications. We partner with our customers to determine the optimal configuration based on our years of experience.

UV LED Lamps

Multi-Chip LED Arrays

Pre-packaged arrays of UV LEDs with built-in thermal control and photodetector for output monitoring. Standard arrays are available at wavelengths from 255nm-350nm. Additionally, lamps may have up to 24 individually addressable wavelengths and fiber coupling (SMA or pigtail).

UV LED Discrete Components

Individual UV LEDs

Individual UV LEDs are available from 240nm to 355nm in a hermetically sealed TO18 or TO39 package. LEDs are available with output through a hemispherical lens, ball lens or flat window for customer tailored beam manipulation.