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About UVD Lighting, Inc.

We at UVD LIghting have over 20 years experience in the semiconductor industry. We have helped a variety of clients incorporate the latest high brightness Ultra Violet (UV) LEDs into their systems and processes. In additon to our commercial customers, we are very active in working with University and Government Research Labs to further their fundamental research. Please contact us to discuss your application.

The benefits to our customers using UV LEDs are substantial and include:

  • Low Power Consumption - battery operation is now possible.

  • 'Cold' Light Source - Compared to traditional arc lamps, UV LEDs do not emit any infrared radiation, vital for sensitive substrates.

  • Rugged - LEDs can withstand jarring G forces where arc lamps delicate quartz will shatter.

  • Instant On/Off - Arc lamps require many minutes to heat up to operating temperature to produce maximum output. UV LEDs can be gated on or off almost instantaneously, measured in milliseconds.

  • Long Life/Low Maintenance UV LEDs last for thousands of hours in contrast to arc lamps which are typically limited to less than a thousand hours requiring lamp changes on regular intervals which is labor intensive and downtime for the system.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Arc lamps use mercury which requires costly disposal methods unlike UV LEDs which use no harmful materials.

  • Safety - UV LEDs create no ozone, do not have a burn risk and uses no high voltage.

Some of our key applications and how UVD Lighting was instrumental in helping our customers bring their products to market incorporating UV LEDs:

  • Chromatography is a technique to determine the composition of a material which in some cases, requires very narrow UV radiation to create fluorescense or 'glow' when illuminating a particular material of interest. This is of particular interest in blood, protein and other medical applications. The availability of the single wavelength UV LEDs, increases sensitivity and improves the economics with simplified and compact instrument design. "We worked closely with a major medical instrumation company to select UV LEDS with the ideal wavelengths and narrow bandwith. This allowed the customer to remove costly filters giving them a competitive advantage."

  • Operating Room Sterilization E.Coil, P.Aeruginasa, B.Subtilis etc. are difficult germs to erradicate. Particularly in one of the most sensitive areas in a hospital, the operating room. We worked with a supplier of scrub stations to produce a UV LED solution to remove these harmful agents.

  • Biofuel Production Working closely with a consortium (Commerical and University) to develop a novel technique using algae for the production of biofuels. We designed a spiral lighting system using UV LEDs for insertion into a cylindrical algae growth system. Using UV radiation to purify the water, permitted higher yield of the algae with a goal of scaling up the process to deliver large scale biofuels.

Do you have an application where UV LEDs may be of benefit? Contact us and we will help you to determine the best solution for your application.


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